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Summer Staf 2014 Sugar Creek
Annual Meeting
t s not too soon to consider a
wonderful, life-changing summer of
Iservice at Sugar Creek Bible Camp.
Every summer we hire about 60 college- February 16, 2014
aged staf to work at camp. NOW would
be a great time to apply. Positions include:
counselors, wranglers, food service
assistants, lifeguards, etc.
If you have never worked on a camp
staf before, please consider this amazing
opportunity! A summer at camp can
change your lifeand the lives of those you meet! You will have the chance to make some
life-long friends, serve Christ, and have a lot of fun all at the same time! Please call or e-mail
Erik Preston, Program Director, to arrange an interview soon:
Thank you to our 2013 Summer Staf: you did an amazing job ministering to our Each member
campers, guests and one another! Blessings to you as you continue on your journey with congregation is asked to
Jesus. You are welcome to apply again in 2014! send 2 lay delegates and a
pastor to attend our annual
meeting. This meeting
How Can You Support Sugar Creek? enables us to carry out
the ofcial business of the
camp as well as elect people
ugar Creek Bible Camp depends on to retire our debt (which will lower to serve on our Board of
your support! Here are some positive our budget), and keep our buildings/ Directors.
Sways you can continue to support this grounds up to speed. We also ask that you
great ministry: prayerfully consider how you can help us
Pray For This Ministry! Sugar Creek is ofset the costs for summer food damage.
here to augment and support our member Help With Camperships! Please help
churches and long-time church supporters. with camperships for those who cannot Camp for
Please continue to hold Sugar Creek in aford camp. We keep our prices as low
prayer and ask God to help us be faithful to as possible and we will NOT turn away Christmas
the Holy Spirit s call. someone who cannot aford to come!
Continue To Use Us! Send us your Adopt-A-Building! Please consider
campers. Use us for Council planning adopting or sharing in the adoption of one This Christmas, give
retreats or of-sites; use us for your Mens of our cabins, buildings, or locations around someone special the gift
and Womens groups for meaningful, camp. This is a good way for your members of a week at summer
camp! You can purchase
spiritual retreats as well as the myriad of to get out to Sugar Creek, do a very useful certifcates in $50
other retreats we sponsor here. We are service project and enjoy a great meal with increments, or you can
working to develop new ways for you to our world class camp chef, Gene! give the gift of a full
receive that mountaintop experience. Consider Becoming A Volunteer! We week at camp. In difcult
Please invite Don or Erik to your churches can really use the continued support of economic times, your gift
and allow us to share our story! our volunteers (and welcome any new can help someone you
Support Us In Your Congregational volunteers) to help around camp. We have love have an unforgettable
Budgets! Our shared ministry positively a VERY dedicated volunteer base, and week at Sugar Creek!
changes lives! Please help us meet our would like to expand that base with fresh
budget without having major fundraising faces as well!
campaigns all the time. We do need

Gift Giving with Thrivent

s a Thrivent member, your designation for Thrivent must be re-designated now every year and we encourage
Choice dollars to Sugar Creek signifcantly you to contact your agent or simply call 1-800-847-4836.
Acontributes to helping us make a diference in the We ask that you prayerfully consider designating your
lives we touch throughout the year. Thrivent Choice dollars Thrivent Choice dollars to Sugar Creek Bible Camp.

Email: Website: Phone: 608-734-3113

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