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SCBC Wish List Refections From Our Program
Director - Erik Preston
The following items are
needed to assist the various
programs at Sugar Creek. ooking back, the But even a great summer has some
Your donations are tax summer of 2013 rough spots. Sugar Creek was hit with
deductible. Lwas safe and a substantial fash food between the
fun, flled with life- second and third week of summer camp.
Vehicles in Good changing, faith-forming Although the food waters made a pretty
Condition: Mini-vans, 12 experiences for every big mess and caused some damage, it
passenger van, gas-powered person who crossed our could have been much worse. Thank you
golf carts, tractor for bridge and entered our to the summer staf and some of their
mowing. camp. Our summer staf parents who worked very hard that Sunday
shared, through their actions and words, morning before campers arrived to put
4-Wheeler with dump the meaning of our summer theme Faith camp back together. By the time campers
box (Gator, Mule or Toro Alive, and showed our campers how to live arrived, they could hardly tell it had been
Workman) a life of vibrant faith through the practices so bad. Thank you, also, to all of you who
of Bible Study, Worship, Prayer, Hospitality, hold us ever in your prayers; your support
Horses and Hay and Service. These practices were lived is vital to our ministry here.
out each week of camp in daily Bible study We are already planning for next
Sound/Music Equipment: and worship, the building of community summer. One of the core elements of any
Sound board, cables, drums, in cabins and villages, service projects for summer at Sugar Creek is our summer
microphones, speakers, others and the world, and pervasive prayer. staf. If you have Christ-centered, college-
music stands, keyboard, All of this came together to create a place aged young people in your life who you
microphone stands Where all generations [truly] encounter know would be a blessing to Sugar Creek,
Christ through Gods people and creation. encourage them to prayerfully consider a
Water Craft: Kayaks, Among the many opportunities to summer spent in ministry with us. There
canoes, paddles, life jackets practice this faith life, one particular is no experience that compares to a
projectKids Against Hungerstands out. summer serving with other Christ-centered
Appliances: Commercial Kids learn about hunger overseas and then individuals outdoors in such a beautiful
vacuums, money for kettles/ get an opportunity to package meals to be valley of Gods creation.
dishes sent to starving children in other parts of Thank you for your continued prayers
the world. This summer, campers packaged and support! We look forward to your next
Carpet or Money for 40,000+ meals for less-fortunate children visit to the valley!
Carpet for Retreat Center of God. What a great way to practice
making our Faith Alive and sharing those Blessings, Erik
Canvas: New covered actions with others.
wagon canvas, fys for
platform tents

Road Work: Gravel, The Sugar Creek Solution
blacktop, or money to work
on these projects
id you know? Kids ages 8-18 spend Media-free time to make new friends
an average of 7.5 hours each day and learn new skills
Don electronic media? That s nearly Positive challenge opportunities and
Visit us on 113 days every year! We all know that most group building on our ropes course
Facebook kids dont get nearly enough exercise and Campfres and worship services that
further relationships with God
often eat too much junk food. We also
know that many kids dont get the chance
Sugar Creek Bible Camp to explore the outdoors. Camp is a special place flled with
Sugar Creek can provide a solution to opportunities for people of all ages!
these problems. Camp provides: Make plans to join us in 2014 for a week
Positive Christian role modelsone of adventure in a Christian Setting! Look
counselor for every eight kids for our 2014 Summer Camp Program and
Positive outdoor adventurescreek Retreat Brochure in a mailbox near you
stomping, nature activities, horseback January 2014! An electronic version of our
riding, cooking over a fre, star gazing, brochure is also posted each January on our
swimming, biking and more! website:

13141 Sugar Creek Bible Camp Road Ferryville, WI 54628

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