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Day Camp Overview

What is Day Camp?

Day Camp is a Sugar Creek Camp experience for youth entering grades 1-5 especially designed for your congregation!

Day Camp 2018 Resources:

    (2019 resources available in late Feb 2019)

What happens at Day Camp?

  • Typically the schedule runs from 9am – 3pm, Monday through Thursday, but we will adapt the schedule to suit your needs!
  • First Word: Introducing the theme of the day with stories & songs.
  • Bible Study
  • Worship
  • Crafts: Sugar Creek provides all the supplies, except for special afternoon events
  • Games
  • Community Activities, Service Projects, Guest Speakers
  • Thursday Closing Program for Families and the Congregation

What does Sugar Creek provide?

  • A quality Christian program led by enthusiastic, caring staff
  • One staff person for about every ten campers.
  • Minimum of 3 staff, additional staff available for $240 per staff for every 10 kids
  • Bible studies, worships, singing, recreation.
  • Staff to host and facilitate a one night special program or event for junior or senior high students if desired.

What is the congregation responsible for?

  • A Coordinator for the Day Camp
  • Securing a Site. The best site is a city or municipal park with available shelter, water and restrooms. A large church yard can work, too.
  • Staff Housing
  • Meals for the staff
  • Planning afternoon special events: i.e. guest speaker, service projects, visiting a nursing home, etc.
  • Volunteers. One adult for every 10 campers.
  • Insurance. The church needs to have insurance to cover any use of their facilities and to cover the potential liability involved with their sponsorship. Parent’s insurance provides coverage for any accident or injury to their camper.
  • Snacks for campers.

2019 COST

$1300 + Mileage Member Church (for 3 staff, up to 32 kids)

$1600 + Mileage Non-Member Church (for 3 staff, up to 32 kids)

If more than 32 kids, add $240 for each additional staff/10 kids. You may also request additional staff at $240 per counselor! CONSIDER have other area churches join your Day Camp for an Ecumenical week–split the cost, share the fun!

Weeks Available in 2019

SIGN UP NOW! Please call or e-mail the camp to reserve your week! We do keep waiting lists so please contact us even if your preferred week isn’t available.

June 9-13 – currently 3 spots available, but potential to do many day camps this week!
June 16-20 – 2 openings
June 23-27 – 2 openings
July 7-11 – 3 openings
July 14-18 – 3 openings
July 21-25 – 3 openings
July 29-August 1 – 2 openings
August 4-8 – 3 openings

To find out more about having Sugar Creek come to your community for day camp please call 608-734-3113 or e-mail or