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As you enter the Sugar Creek Bible Camp valley, you cross the iconic bridge that serves as the only entry point. This bridge crosses Sugar Creek, one of the best trout streams in SW Wisconsin.The first building that you see is our main Retreat Center. Here, you will find the camp office, retreat kitchen, summer staff housing, and retreat space. It is also the place where you register for summer camp!

We continue our adventure on the valley trail, which is for foot traffic, bikes, and horses only! Summer campers spend time hiking up and down this valley trail as they talk, sing songs, and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

We pass the sauna and the prayer labyrinth on our left, while to our right lies the Nature Center. During the summer months, campers come to the Nature Center to learn about all sorts of God’s creatures. Besides fossils and mounts, we also house live frogs and bugs that campers catch during the week!

On our left, we pass the Log Cabin Village, which serve as adult retreat housing throughout the year. In the center lies the Cedar Center, the central meeting place for the village.

Just across from the Cedar Center, on our right, we cross the new covered bridge and come to the horse stables. Completed in 2009, this beautiful building is the hub of our horse program. Campers come here to meet the horses and begin a trail ride on one of our 25 well-trained horses. Junior Wranglers and Horse Campers get to spend a lot of time here!

Continuing down the valley trail just past the Log Cabin Village on our left lies the Koinonia Lodge. During the summer months, this serves as our summer staff lodge, while during the retreat season, it is our most popular retreat facility. “Koinonia” is a Greek word meaning community or Christian fellowship.

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