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2016 Sugar Creek Viroqua Hills Golf Tournament- Flyer and Registration

Welcome to Summer Camp!
Your camper’s forms need to be in our office no later than Friday noon preceding your child’s week of camp. If you are unable to meet that deadline, bring the forms along with to registration check-in.  We’ll see you soon!

2016 Summer Camping and Retreat Brochure



Sugar Creek believes all youth should have the opportunity to attend Bible Camp. We know camp families have differing abilities to pay, so this year we are offering a voluntary, Three-tiered Pricing Program to better meet all financial needs.  You self-select the rate you can afford! The actual price of a traditional camp program is close to $500 per week. Therefore, we are offering the following rates this summer: Tier 1 – $485 (closest to the true cost of camp); Tier 2 – $425 (subsidized for families to make camp more affordable);  and Tier 3 – $399 (reflects the subsidies from fundraisers, churches, and camp supporters). Families with three or more children can also receive a significant discount for each child after the first two. Costs for programs such as Riverboaters, SIT-LITs, and the mission trip, are much higher for us: thus, we have a minimum rate of $450. Pilgrims has a set rate of $215.
Please consider selecting the highest price you can afford as it helps more kids come to camp! Tiered rates are shown on the Registration Form on pg. 8 of the 2016 Camping and Retreat Brochure.

Check out our 2016 PROMOTIONAL VIDEO!