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Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

Summer Bible Camp

We are thankful Summer Bible Camp 2021 was a BIG, SAFE, FUN, and COVID-free success in “lifting up” the love of Jesus Christ!

Summer 2022 Registration is now open! Don’t forget to get notified when announcements are made (approx. 1x/month). 🙂

GET READY for a Spirit-filled, FUN summer of outdoor adventure… And be sure to also RSVP your own custom program, retreat, or conference during the school year! Your next family reunion, adult leader event, youth retreat, or meeting can be in a comfortable, memorable setting at Sugar Creek. We host guests for adult, youth, and family events every week of the year.

COVID-19:  Sugar Creek Bible Camp, a 501c3 nonprofit, is accredited by the American Camping Association. In faith in Jesus Christ and trust in God’s calling to love our neighbors, we continue to honor medical professionals in the CDC and to trust the expertise of local doctors in following lifesaving COVID-19 prevention protocols. Together we can help end this pandemic.

This is hard work, but God gives us each strength to endure not in fear, but in truth and love – and it is working! Your support is crucial while this pandemic continues to affect guest numbers and retreat income, even into this winter. Your help means the camp can remain strong to serve even more children and families in your area, who need hope, faith, and connection more than ever…

Your personal role in building up this Bible camp – financially, in prayer, and in person – means that with God’s help and guidance you express your faith and purpose in Christ: you empower people (especially kids) with lifelong Christian faith, empathy and compassion, knowledge of the Word, and healthy self-confidence.

For these thousands of kids & families… for creative adult ministries… for the wider Christian Church… and in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank you!

Giving Thanks for WINTER Volunteers!

Did you know? Good work is happening every week to grow and maintain your camp! You can help! All skill levels welcome – and needed! Volunteer Tuesdays offer a chance to use time, talents, and treasures to make a real difference. Or come on a weekend with a group to bond and do something truly important together.

Tuesday mornings at 9, we meet the team for complimentary coffee & rolls before the day’s tasks (something different every week), returning for hot lunch at noon – then a wrap-up in the early afternoon. Enjoy making meaningful progress for a GREAT cause, alongside some of the best “coworkers” you’ll ever meet!

If travel (or time) is not possible for you right now – but you still want to make this good work your own, you can help fund a project to make it possible! Please call 608-734-3113 to hear about this month’s projects, share ideas, and learn about current needs.

Know of anyone with time and talent to share for a good cause? Or a church property committee / WELCA group / family / coworkers / spouse with energy (and maybe tools?) to lend? Pick a Tuesday, or a weekend – we’ve got options! Dozens of exciting upgrades are on the docket right now. Your help truly makes a difference, to keep Bible camp affordable for kids & families.

Thanks to volunteers, camp staff, generous donors, and God’s provision, over 30,000 contact hours of intentional Christian education happened this summer for youth! WOW!!

Thank you to volunteers, guests, and donors… Your support means your Bible camp can hope to stay strong, relevant, and Spirit-filled for tens of thousands more kids & families in the years to come.